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Surf Residences Boutique Hotel


When you hear the words’ Apple Bay’, do you think of apple orchards? Do you find yourself wanting to relax against the trunk of a tree with a good book? Do you see yourself lying on a picnic blanket, taking a nap in a cool breeze? What if you could have BOTH? Well, here’s your chance.

Nestled on the western end of Tortola in the beautiful Virgin Islands is a boutique hotel that is meant to give you a one-of-a-kind experience in the village of Little Apple Bay. Surf Residences Boutique Hotel is a perfect home away from home. It is a short 2-minute walk to a surfer’s or beachgoer’s delight. It’s comfortable enough to enjoy your entire stay on the grounds, but with all the amenities the Virgin Islands has to offer, get out and see what’s available.

Let’s start with the property. At Surf Residences Boutique Hotel, you have the option to take one room for yourself or rent the entire property for you, your family, and friends. It is a comfortable stay that offers private bedrooms, cool ACs, and personal bathrooms. The intimate environment will make you feel like it is just you and your party. If you decide you want to meet others, its gourmet kitchen has been known to create new friendships. Here you can prepare your meals or hire a personal chef to cook for you.

This area of the island is one of the last true villages in the Virgin Islands. This means you will be surrounded by the Virgin Islands’ culture and history. Guests have been strolling through this small village for years and will continue for years to come. Directly across the street from the property is a local market where ladies in the village serve local fish and chicken dinners. A few short minutes down the road is the burial monument for the Virgin Islands’ first Chief Minister. Next to that area is one of the last surviving charcoal pits in the Virgin Islands. Here, villagers make charcoal to sell to other residents for authentic grilling. Go a little further down the road, and you will find yourself in one of the last fishing villages in the Virgin Islands. Your personal chef can prepare freshly caught fish. Because the area is a fishing village, you can always purchase freshly caught fish from one of the village fishermen. If you aren’t into fish, a short walk and you will be welcomed by the aroma of Caribbean cuisine from one of the restaurants in the area.

Outside the tucked-away retreat is a surfer’s paradise. Surfers like Kelly Slater, Jimmy Buffett, and Coldplay’s Chris Martin have surfed the waters in Little Apple Bay. The breeze is light, the air smells of sea salt, and the ambiance in this small village is enough to make you want to stay. Being a surfer’s location means that there is always a light breeze in the air to whisk all your worries away. The great thing about this area is you can have a great experience walking and relaxing. This sounds a lot like an apple orchard, doesn’t it? A getaway from even the getaway!

If you are looking to venture further, you aren’t far from Long Bay Beach, Smugglers Cove, and Cane Garden Bay. All are a short car trip and easily within reach for your stay.

What’s very unique about Surf Residences Boutique Hotel is the property has morphed many times over to become what it is today. Originally, it was a bed and breakfast hotel. Then it was repurposed and became several popular restaurants. After suffering two massive Category 5 hurricanes, the property was rebuilt and became Surf Residences Boutique Hotel.

Inside the Surf Residences Boutique Hotel is a Private Membership Lounge for hotel guests and private members who want to experience great company, privacy, and social chatter. Adorned with historical and memorable artifacts, the space is designed for private parties, weddings, business meetings, or a great social chat. With a food and drink menu geared to tease your local dialect and pallet, you can spend one of the social evenings playing cultural instruments, painting, or learning history using The Box, a Virgin Islands educational game in a box set.

The William Terrance Moshank Place was built to provide members with a location that can be tailor-made for their privacy and the spirit of socialization. Memberships are carefully selected by a Board, and while no applications are refused, membership quotas might see the need for some applicants to have an extended waiting period. While members come from various facets of the community and the world, all members have a common belief in positivity, growth, success, and the importance of social interactions.

More recently, WTMP launched its signature bread. The WTMP bread is a unique way of passing on a family secret through food. The bread which is sold specifically for the WTMP at its location and outlets in the BVI strikes the perfect balance between a bread great for cheeses and teas and a dessert when enhanced with local sauces and fruit. Guests of Surf Residences Boutique Hotel can always order some for their in-hotel meals.

In the spirit of a “greener VI,” the entire property, lounge and hotel, were built in the theme of recycle, reuse, and repurpose. For example, a walk through the property will show original doors repurposed as tables. Much of the décor are reused items salvaged from the property and the surrounding area.

The entire property of five rooms may be booked for 10 to 12 people. Each room has a distinct design that combines rustic and modern elements while adhering to the repurpose and reuse theme with distinctively created headboards and antiques. You can stay for one night or one year at the property.

Bookings may be made by phoning or texting 1-284-542-4348 or by emailing thesurfbvi@gmail.com. The hotel may also be found at https://airbnb.com/h/thesurfbvi2. To become a member of the (WTMP), discuss rates, or use the lounge, please call 1-284-542-4348.