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HLSCC Maritime Training


Caribbean Boatmaster (CBM) Courses

These courses are designed for those wishing to apply for and take the Virgin Islands Shipping Registry (VISR) exams to obtain a Caribbean Boat Master’s license (CBML). They are preparatory courses only, as we do not issue licenses. However, those who attend one of these courses will have a greater chance of meeting the required exam standards.

The college also offers the CBM2/3 as part distance learning followed by a 3-day workshop for practical chart work and further assessment. This means that the student can start studying the material without having to attend class. They can study at their own pace and when ready, attend the workshop to complete and receive a certificate. Students who are confident in their chart work abilities need not attend the workshop, but in such cases, they will not receive the completion certificate.

The distance learning will be delivered via the online platform “Moodle”. Following enrollment, students will be given access to online materials.

The STCW 95 [AMS131] (Standards of Training Certification & Watchkeeping) basic safety training courses.

These courses provide the minimum standards and requirements regarding; occupational safety, medical care, emergency, and survival.

Furthermore, the Virgin Islands Shipping Registry requires these certificates for any crewmembers working onboard commercial vessels operating in BVI waters. They are also a prerequisite for those wishing to obtain a Caribbean Boatmaster’s License.

Delivery of these STCW courses at this college is in accordance with MNTB guidelines and HLSCC is currently seeking re-approval to run these courses and issue certificates by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) of the United Kingdom. These certificates will enable the holder to sail on any size and type of boat or ship, irrespective of tonnage, anywhere in the world. There is now a requirement to renew after a period of five years.

Other programs offered at HLSCC include Chart Work Tutorials, VISAR Oral Exam Tutorials, General Tutorials, Marine VHF Radio Course and The Marine Professional Training Programme.


In conjunction with the Government and the Marine Industry of the BVI, we are proud to be unveiling the newest program within the Marine Studies Department of HLSCC’s Workforce Training Division.  For over 20 years, HLSCC has provided Enrichment Courses and Associates Degree Programmes in Applied Marine Science. Equally, HLSCC has Maritime Training in the Territory with a host of Short Courses geared towards aspiring commercial seafarers, from Basic Safety Training (under the STCW Convention) to Caribbean Boatmaster Prep Courses (with VI Shipping Registry Examination to follow), as well as Certificates in VHF usage and radar navigation.

Now adding to these programs is Marine Professional Training (MPT) Level 1: Marine Hand. In support of the Premier’s Office Back to the Sea initiative, MPT Level 1 is also the product of an extensive collaboration between HLSCC faculty and numerous small businesses, experts and stakeholders within the BVI Marine Industry. The framework was created in 2016 from a partnership with Nanny Cay Marina. The Hurricane Recovery Short Courses, designed in the aftermath of September 2017, inspired a further curriculum development between the College and the BVI Marine Industry. MPT Level 1 is, therefore, an Industry Statement as much as it is a college course. This is truly a win-win-win for the BVI Community, the private sector and the public sector as well.

MPT Level 1 is a gateway learning platform into the BVI Marine Industry. Focused on competency-based-training, this program is a departure from the traditional academic study; instead of purely classroom lecturing, MPT Level 1 is delivered as a hands-on workshop, mixing in equal parts theory knowledge, technical skills development, environmental best management practices, and customer service training.  At the core of MPT Level 1 are six individual certificate modules that train the students for competency in Basic Marine Service Technology, Basic Safety Training, Basic Sailing & Navigation, Basic Swimming Proficiency and an introduction into Customer Service & Hospitality.

As a Regional Maritime Centre of Excellence, HLSCC is eager to use MPT Level 1 to inspire BLUE ECONOMY strategies for resilience and sustainability, both within the ecosystem and within one of the strongest sectors of the BVI Economy – Marine Tourism. MPT Level 1 is looking to cultivate the knowledge, skills, and behaviors expected from aspiring Marine Professionals in the BVI, and indeed anywhere in the world.


Designed for entry-level workforce training, MPT Level 1 is geared towards under or unemployed members of the community. A High School Diploma or GED is not a pre-requisite; however, basic literacy and numeracy are required to complete the training. More importantly, MPT Level 1 requires commitment and enthusiasm to perform to a very high standard. Candidates are expected to be in attendance 40 hours a week (8 hours a day), for HLSCC Workshops & Apprenticeship portions of the training.

The total duration is 4 months. This is, at its core, a jobs-training program. Within every job is the opportunity for a career, and it is in this area that Marine Professional Training (MPT) truly takes its form.


As the name implies, MPT has several levels, of which Level 1 is already available to the public. MPT Level 1 is a broad-strokes introduction to the marine industry, and students will quickly discover that there are many career paths available to the candidate that shows the initiative to think beyond just a job & paycheck. Meeting with career professionals and guest experts throughout MPT Level 1, candidates are encouraged to look for the pathway into a profession that will bring satisfaction and a lifetime of secure income.

Cohort 1 is underway for Fall/Winter 2019-2020, and there will be two more sessions delivered in later winter, and again in early summer 2020. Because this is designed for entry-level workers, the BVI Marine Industry can expect these candidates to require full supervision on the job site.

COMING IN 2020-2021

MPT Level 2 students will be required to choose a specialization within the Marine Industry. Developing specific skills and abilities while still being exposed to new areas of marine career opportunities, these candidates can be expected to perform to a semi-supervised competency in the BVI Marine Industry.

At MPT Level 3, skill development is nearing mastery level, and as such these candidates would be expected to perform unsupervised while at work, perhaps even emerging as the next leaders or line managers of the business.

Finally, an MPT Level 4 candidate is preparing to become tomorrow’s supervisor. This is a management level training and requires not only skills mastery, but industry mastery as well as unparalleled customer service skills. High-level technical skills performance, small business management training, and HR/Accountancy capabilities will be featured.


MPT Level 1 has had broad support from the BVI Marine Industry, including numerous host companies ready to sponsor apprenticeship learning for Cohort 1 in January 2020. The Premier’s Office has kindly offered to sponsor wages for this Apprenticeship, as a token of gratitude towards the businesses that are stepping forward to support local employment.

The BVI Community will also benefit from a generous scholarship donation from UniteBVI towards the tuition fees needed to deliver this internationally-benchmarked and certified Marine Training. If you or your company would like to sponsor a Virgin Islander’s gateway into a marine career, HLSCC has an established fund whereby your donation is guaranteed to facilitate career pathways for aspiring marine professionals in the Virgin Islands.

For more information about Marine Professional Training (MPT) Level 1, or to enquire about additional courses available at HLSCC Marine, link here: https://forms.gle/kucJVkaoKDEwBX7m8