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Crewed Yacht Chartering in the BVI. Why Wait?


The British Virgin Islands – what a place!  A tiny group of islands, a mere speck on the world map, but truly a country with a giant presence in the sailing community.  Known and loved by boaters around the world for good reason – for there is no better place to sail.

Blessed with steady winds and calm seas for much of the year, it is easy to island hop between a snorkeling stop or a gorgeous beach, with your sails full and smooth sailing all the way.  No all-day sailing marathons needed here to get to the next island, as experienced in other sailing destinations. Distances between islands are such that you can set off after breakfast and sail to your next destination in good time for lunch at a cute island bar.  If sailing is not your thing and you have chartered a motorboat then you’ll arrive that bit sooner.

If you love to be out on the water the British Virgin Islands is the place for you.

If you want fabulous sailing, then this is the place for you.  If you want beautiful beaches, crystal clear water and great island hopping then yes, we have that as well.  And did I forget to mention that the water is warm, and teeming with beautiful tropical fish?!  You can sail after breakfast and then sail after lunch and fit in a wonderful snorkel or beachcomb in between.  If it is gorgeous islands with beach bars and restaurants you are looking for or deserted islands without, we have something to suit everyone.

For many, bareboating is a popular option in the British Virgin Islands. This means that people who are proficient at sailing and handling boats can charter a boat out and captain it by themselves for the week.  This means provisioning for food and drinks pre charter, mapping out a route, navigating into anchorages and finding an available mooring ball or anchoring spot and safely securing the boat for lunchtime or overnight before preparing meals or making reservations for dinner.

Another option favoured by many is taking a crewed charter yacht vacation.  These boats come with a captain and chef team and sometimes a stewardess and/or the first mate as well who are there to do it all the work for you.  Certainly, the cleaning, cooking, preparation and provisioning, usually not the most popular jobs on vacation, are taken care of and as much or as little of the boat handling to suit you as well.  The captain will quickly determine the most ideal spots for your group and take you to the best locations.   The vacation is entirely tailored to you and your group and what you like to do.  There are no set itineraries here.

If you want to take it up a notch in the relaxation stakes on your sailing a crewed yacht vacation is for you.  No need to provision, cook, clean or make any difficult decisions on where to anchor or moor for the night.

Depending on the size of boat you choose and how you bareboat, the price for a simpler crewed yacht can be on a par with a bareboat.  If you tend to eat out often when bareboating (because let’s face it, who wants to cook every time?), costs can mount up.  Crewed yachts are all-inclusive, meaning all meals drinks and snacks, including alcohol are provided which can make it very cost-effective.  Depending on your budget and the boat you book the food can range from good homely food to dishes that would rival those in fine dining restaurants.

People often remark that the food served onboard is some of the best they have ever eaten. Perhaps it is the sunshine and fresh air, or perhaps increased activity and appetites, but when plates come back empty meal after meal, we like to think that it is your dedicated chef making magic in the galley that makes dishes so hard to refuse. Your crew take excellent care of you, provide wonderful service, keep the boat clean, sail you to your next gorgeous destination and keep you safe all week, often whilst becoming firm friends, certainly while helping you make memories of a lifetime.  A crewed yacht vacation is without a doubt, the best way to experience the British Virgin Islands.

There is no better way to experience the best that the British Virgin Islands has to offer than on a crewed yacht vacation.   While hotels on land can be wonderfully luxurious and relaxing with fine dining, you will find this and more on a crewed yacht.  Imagine the best hotel you have ever stayed at and then add in a changing view every morning when you awake, with the aroma of fresh baking emanating from the galley filling the boat with tantalizing smells, smiling crew handing you coffee.  You decide to jump into the crystal clear water and swim ashore for a stroll on the beach before returning onboard ready for a freshly made breakfast.  Whilst you finish up, the crew are organizing to set sail to a snorkel or lunch spot (or both!).  After some glorious sailing, perhaps tacking up the Sir Francis Drake Channel, you arrive at another island fringed by white sand beaches and palm trees.  Your crew drop and stow the sails and anchor the boat, then dinghy you ashore to check out the beach bar while the chef whips up a delicious lunch.  The most taxing thing you have had to do is remember which island it is that the captain told you you were going to over breakfast.  After a delicious lunch, you set sail again for another island, perhaps having a little nap en route if tacking and trimming sails is not your thing, arriving in time for cocktails to be served at Happy Hour and another gorgeous view to wake up to the next morning.  Meanwhile, the chef is working on a sumptuous meal for dinner….  Can you see yourself in this picture?!  We hope so! We hope too that you come down and experience the British Virgin Islands for yourselves in the best way there is.

For some, it’s an annual trip to be shared with friends and family and for others, it’s the trip of a lifetime.  Either way, if it is not something that you have already been lucky enough to do, then get it on your bucket list and start planning to come down and experience it for yourself!  And if you have only bareboated so far, then treat yourself to a crewed yacht vacation next time and let someone else take the strain while you concentrate on being on vacation 24/7.

Glorious Sailing

When thinking of a sailing vacation in the Caribbean, there is no place better than the British Virgin Islands.  And when thinking of which type of sailing vacation to choose, there is nothing better than a crewed yacht vacation.  Sailing holidays are wonderful, but having to provision, cook, clean up and fret over anchoring in a tricky anchorage are things that no one should have to do on the perfect vacation.  Add in a squally night when you worry about someone dragging into you and the shine can be taken off an otherwise fabulous week.

Crewed yacht vacations are the best way to spend a vacation in the British Virgin Islands.  Having a crew to take care of every detail is the key to a stress-free vacation.  The hardest decision you have to make is which cocktail to have for happy hour. The crew take care of all the details and the work from the planning, provisioning, cooking and cleaning for the week, to hoisting the sails and setting the anchor, sailing the boat each day to ever more beautiful anchorages.

Words By Tony Kate

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