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Sailing BVI readers are Fully Engaged.

The magazine distribution will encompass the East Coast of America, the Caribbean and Europe. It will also be distributed at all B.V.I. Tourist Board offices worldwide and routinely presented at annual tourist industry fairs such as regattas, boat shows and fishing tournaments in Puerto Rico, St. Martin, USVI, Antigua, Grenada, Florida and Monaco.

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Total Circulation 25,000 every 6 months
Total Readership 100,000

Delivered free to:

  • Resort Hotels
  • Yacht Harbours
  • Charter Companies
  • Provisioning Stores
  • Super Yacht Marinas
  • Travel Agents
  • Marinas
  • Restaurants
  • Car Rentals
  • Ferry Terminals
  • Supermarkets
  • Other tourist facilities
  • Complimentary copies to advertisers

Editorial Calendar

Sailing BVI Magazine is published 2 times annually.

1. Fall/Winter Edition
September to February

Ad/Editorial Space
July 31st

In Circulation:
September 10th

2. Spring/Summer Edition
March to August

Ad/Editorial Space
January 31st

In Circulation:
March 10th

Advertising Advantages


Extensive Distribution:

50,000 copies of the magazine are distributed annually at the best locations locally, regionally and internationally.


Our Content is Specific to the
Virgin Islands:

Our editor and publisher resides in the Virgin Islands, they know the territory and want to explore and share all its nooks, crannies and idiosyncrasies with our readers.


Target Marketing:

This one-of-a-kind magazine targets visitors and newcomers with considerable spending power, they are connected and are looking for reliable and pertinent information about Sailing in the BVI.


Excellent Shelf Life:

In room, onboard and racked for six months means that someone will, through some circumstance, pick up the magazine and see your ad.


Our Digital Footprint

We reinforce our print magazine with exclusive online content that is fresh and timely and we use our online presence to further our relationship with our readers.


Credibility and Respect…

are top priorities. We want our advertisers respected and noticed, so we allow them to tell their stories.

Advertising Sizes

Full Page

Trim size: 7.5″ W X 10″ H
Bleed: 9.5″ W X 11.5″ H

1/2 Page

Horizontal Trim size: 7.5″ W X 4.9″ H
Vertical Trim size: 3.5″ W X 10″ H

1/3 Page

Horizontal Trim size: 7.5″ W X 3.3″ H
Vertical Trim size: 4.9″ W X 4.9″ H

1/4 Page

Horizontal Trim size: 7.5″ W X 2.5″ H
Vertical Trim size: 2.5″ W X 4.9″ H

1/6 Page

Horizontal Trim size: 4.9″ W X 3.3″ H
Vertical Trim size: 2.35″ W X 4.9″ H

1/8 Page

Trim size: 2.5″ W X 2.5″ H

1. All file resolutions not less than 300 dpi. and saved as CMYK.
2. Send in electronically in JPG, TIFF or PDF.
3. Colour proof in the form of a low resolution JPEG file MUST be provided to ensure colour quality.